uilding on the ongoing collaboration between EL SPACE and the IRC Tunis since 2016. The pilot project ‘’SEI – Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation workshops’’ was about a series of twelve workshops about the concepts of social entrepreneurship and social innovation where participants, and visitors of the IRC, were exposed to these concepts to develop their critical mindsets and ideate around solutions for Tunisia’s social and environmental challenges.

With the success of the SEI project and the great feedback from participants, we designed the new project as a continuity of our joint efforts in promoting social entrepreneurship and social innovation principles around Tunisia. This new project, ‘’Social Innovators for Tunisia’’ will be about a series of practical and theoretical workshops where participants will learn how to use existing tools as well as to co-create specific tools for their communities.
With the rising global challenges related to humans as well as the planet, social entrepreneurship and social innovation are rapidly evolving concepts where business and nonprofit leaders design, grow, and lead change-driven organizations.

The field of social entrepreneurship and innovation is interdisciplinary and in its early stages of development, the workshop series will be introductory and practical and will draw heavily from cases, speaker experience, and participant’s questions.

For this project, we will expand activities to Downtown Tunis in American spaces (IRC and American Corner Tunis). The « Social Innovators for Tunisia » will target active youth in different places in Tunisia who are aged between 18 to 30 years old.

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