Tunisia’s First Social Innovation Hub

EL Space Social Innovation Hub is dedicated to making a leading sustainable community through entrepreneurship and innovation. In fact, the hub is composed by active change drivers who share a common space, common interests and common values working towards a better Tunisia, and a better world !

Acting as a catalyst for social entrepreneurship and innovation within the ecosystem, EL Space is committed to empower inclusive entrepreneurs and innovators by hosting, training and offering networking opportunities as well as designing integrated and impactful programs.



To build and empower thriving and resilient communities based on sustainable collaborations.


Building resilient and empowered communities by helping local communities develop themselves in an innovative and self-sustaining way.


  • Walid Doghri
    Walid Doghri

    Serial entrepreneur
    IT services consultant with a particular focus on IT security and project management.

  • Khaoula Behi
    Khaoula Behi

    Strategy and program designer, activist and senior researcher in innovation system.

  • Adnen Ben Haj Yahia
    Adnen Ben Haj Yahia

    Partnership manager Activist, entrepreneur and social innovation specialist.


  • Salsabil Dkhil
    Salsabil Dkhil Executive manager

    Executive Manager, programs manager, social entrepreneurship expert and community builder.

  • Eya Ben Mansour
    Eya Ben Mansour Community Builder

    She is the person who naturally engages and understands the ambassadorial role of community management and the wide variety of people they serve.


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